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Our car club is comprised of enthusiasts for the LX/LC/LD line of cars. Member cars fall into one of four Chrysler and Dodge categories: 300, Magnum, Charger, or Challenger. DFWLX operates in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metropolitan area and offers monthly “meet and greets” scheduled the 3rd Friday of each month and other monthly & annual events. You will find something for everyone’s schedule and taste!




What is the criteria and what does it take to be in and represent our car club?  Find out now and we cannot wait to welcome you to the Family!


Answers to some very common questions associated with our club.  Of course, if you have a general inquiry, visit our contact page as well!


All of our upcoming events can be found in an easy-to-read calendar; so you can plan ahead of time to make sure you can join us!


DFWLX provides a way for our members to gather and take their MOPAR ownership to new levels.  Members exchange information, educate ...


"DFWLX creates the blueprint for car club culture, in which being part of a bigger Family matters." -Evan "Evo" Yates


Every successful organization has great leadership.  Meet our staff that is always improving our club in every way possible.


This gave us a chance to showcase a great number of members and their stories.  No longer a printed publication, it still resides online.


Do you favor spirited driving, hearing your roaring engine over your radio, or just good 'ole, friendly competition?  Check out our Race Team!


Our club is a non-profit organization, but unfortunately, we cannot run it solely on hopes and dreams.  Learn how to support us and keep us going!


Check out what makes DFWLX what it is; a fantastic family-oriented car club unlike any other.  We are more than just cars and lookin' good!


We strive to bring quality products to our club members with great deals and offers.  It also gives vendors a chance to showcase to a large audience!


DFWLX Modern MOPAR is owned and operated by DFWLX Modern MOPAR, Inc., a non-profit corporation.  DFWLX is not associated with Dodge, Chrysler ...

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Come check us out!  We are always accepting new members into our Family!