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The History of DFWLX Here you will find threads of past events and general information about the DFWLX Club. Come watch us grow !!!

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Old 09-27-2014
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I didn't walk away with anything amazing but heres a few of what I have. You can find the rest HERE

DFWLX member enjoying the Hellcat!

Another DFWLX member enjoying yet another Hellcat!

This this is my favorite
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Old 09-27-2014
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Thanks for the pics, funny as a Challenger owner who has corrected this on almost all the Challengers I have met, the factory can still NOT get the dang taillights to line up as shown in the picture of the Hellcat, right side taillight is out of line with the trunk center, 7th year for this guess its a "tradition" now, LOL!
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