Since the club started in 2007, DFWLX has been committed to making this a FREE family-friendly club.
We have never charged membership dues, a registration fee, or had a monetary requirement to become a member. It is our goal for that to never change.
Our "no required fee" policy is a building block that demonstrates DFWLX's mission to make membership available to anyone regardless of their socioeconomic background.
DFWLX does not want money to be involved in any enthusiast's decisions to become part of this club.
If you take a look around our site and our events you will develop an understanding of what DFWLX has to offer.




As part of DFWLX's membership, we offer the following perks: 

- Vendor discounts
- Mod ideas / knowledge
- DIY (Do it Yourself) mods
- Special pricing / treatment with club vendors
- Access to knowledge about your vehicle
- An avenue to meet new friends & build relationships that would have never happened if it wasn't for DFWLX
- Save money on maintenance / modifications for your car


DFWLX provides many opportunities for our members, not only the examples listed above - but a place where members can help one another.
"Members Helping Members" is something that you will continue to see.  You will notice that complete strangers help one another for no other reason except that we are all part of the DFWLX family.

As mentioned, we do not require dues to join DFWLX.
However, it does take cash to keep this club running and allow us to continue providing a place for our club to thrive.
Your donations and support help allow us to offer the DFWLX experience to future members with no membership fee.
If you are able to donate, it will be appreciated; it does no matter how big or small your donation is; every dollar adds up and helps to keep pushing us forward.

OPERATING BUDGET: $3,000.00 (Annually)

Your donations help support:

Technology (Multiple websites – Magazine, vBulletin, Security Features, Software Upgrades, Hosting, Communications, Dropbox, Picasa Albums, etc.)

- Event Expenses (Refreshments, Coolers, Tents, Food, Tables, Location Rentals, etc.)

- General Expenses (PO Box, Subscriptions, Awards, Photo Shoots, Videos Shoots, etc.)

- Marketing (Club Decals, Tag Cards, Flyers, Banners, Advertisements, etc.)

- Equipment as needed


It is not uncommon for other clubs to charge $25.00 to $150.00 just to join.
The DFWLX staff is asked all the time how we manage to keep operating our club without charging dues.
The answer is simple: it's because of YOU! You, the dedicated members that continue to support DFWLX for the love they have for this club.
It is because of you that we have survived throughout the years. Our club supporters are the back bone of DFWLX.

For those of you that are not comfortable putting your payment information in PayPal, donations are also accepted in person at our events.
Locate a member of our leadership team, and we will accept your donation via cash, check or debit/credit card. Additionally, you may mail your donation to:

DFWLX Modern MOPAR Car Club
PO BOX 181163
Arlington, TX 76096

On behalf of the Staff of DFWLX, thank you for your continued support!

We look forward to another amazing DFWLX year!

Help us continue to move DFWLX in a forward motion.

We always need your help.