DFWLX Modern MOPAR Car Club is a local community of active owners that meet face to face and break the barriers of social media. Connecting on a personal level at event’s hosted or promoted by the automotive community.

What is Dallas/Fort Worth LX (DFWLX)?

DFWLX is a car club that is comprised of enthusiasts for the LX/LC/LD line of cars. Member cars fall into one of four Chrysler and Dodge categories: 300, Magnum, Charger, or Challenger. DFWLX operates in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metropolitan area and offers weekly and monthly “meet and greets” as well as annual events. You will find something for everyone’s schedule and taste!

The DFWLX family participates in a wide range of events including charity runs, fundraising, and other Modern Mopar gatherings which support our Mission Statement. DFWLX prides itself in being a family oriented Modern Mopar car club. We welcome all LX/LC/LD car enthusiasts and their families to participate in club events to enjoy discussing our favorite things: Mopars, Mods, and the DFWLX family!

How did DFWLX start?

On May 31, 2007 the founding members of DFWLX decided to officially organize a local club to support the Modern Mopar (LX) Platform.

What does DFWLX mean?

Dallas Fort Worth LX – LX is Chrysler’s rear wheel drive automobile platform. We have expanded to include the LC and LD platforms.

Chrysler LX Platform

What makes DFWLX different from other car clubs?

DFWLX is a family friendly car club that provides a way for its members to gather and take their Modern Mopar ownership to new levels. Members exchange information, educate themselves, and express creativity with other like-minded enthusiasts. DFWLX encourages a Members Helping Members approach by organizing local events, road trips, car shows, and mod meets.

What is the first event I should go to?

DFWLX is a very active car club in the metroplex. For our newbies we recommend stopping by our Monthly M&G hosted every third Friday of the month. The location can change and sometimes is moved around quarterly but no matter where you’re coming from it will be worth the drive. Our monthly events are always planned months in advance and will typically bring out higher participation from members. We invite you to join us and experience what DFWLX is all about.

DFWLX Events

DFWLX Calendar

Do the members ever get together to hang out?

Our Central M&G events are great for getting to know fellow club members. It is a very relaxed atmosphere giving everyone the ability to really interact. If you have some spare time and want to hang out with your fellow members just post a thread and see who's available.

What are the related club websites and social media pages?

Below is a list of where you can follow DFWLX:

Main Website






What vehicle models are allowed in the club?

The club consists of the below vehicles:

2005 - Current Chrysler 300 (All Trims)

2005 - 2008 Dodge Magnum (All Trims)

2006 - Current Dodge Charger (All Trims)

2008 - Current Dodge Challenger (All Trims)

My car is 100% stock, am I still welcome?

Stock, Modified or Extreme - all are welcomed. The mod bug will bite you as soon as you see the countless possibilities/modifications you can do. Once that happens our club vendors will be there to help you with your mod list.

How much are club dues?

DFWLX membership is FREE! We operate 100% from member driven donations. If you would like to contribute please visit our Club Supporter Page.

DFWLX advertises itself as a 'Family-Friendly' car club -- are ALL events 'Family-Friendly'?

All events hosted by DFWLX are family friendly. We take pride in being able to offer events where our members can bring out their families. Events hosted by other event organizers might be deemed "questionable" but the Club Staff will make efforts to either remove those events from our site, or include the necessary information for each member to make an informed decision regarding their attendance. For example, “movie days” that include Rated R films will be properly identified and the location of area car shows, especially at restaurants, will be clearly identified.

What do I need to become a DFWLX member?

Our website provides you with all the information you need to understand what this club is about. Once the new member application is completed you will continue to be provided with information about DFWLX and our events. Our team will provide information about the scheduled events you will be able to attend. Give us a chance and come out to one of our meet & greets.We want to meet you!

What type of events does DFWLX attend/host?

DFWLX attends and hosts many different types of events. Including, Meet & Greets, Car shows, controlled Racing events (Track & Autocross), Picnics, Mod days, Charity fundraisers and many more. Our club has a wide range of events and activities that are sure to keep you engaged.

Are events ever canceled?

Unfortunately, yes. There are many different variables to consider when canceling an event. Once the decision has been made we will update you through our forum and social media pages.

How do I join DFWLX?

Complete the New Member Application here:

Member Application

DFWLX is dues-free but how can I help support the club?

Proud to say our club is supported by our members for our members. You can find all the information on our support page where you can make a donation to keep the club operating. DFWLX is Family owned and operated since 2007!