- Any LX/LC/LD, whether it is a 6.4L or a 2.7L, is qualified to participate.
- We are a race team & you need to race to be a part of it.
- DFWLX members are not allowed to race with another race team at TMCCC events.
- We will respect the track and will pick up after ourselves just like at any other DFWLX event.
- We will respect other racers at any event attending.
- With your membership to this team, you will be given proper notice about upcoming events. We understand that life gets in the way of fun sometimes. Between work, family and other responsibilities, you may not be able to make it to every race and that is okay, but as a member of the Race Team, you will be expected to attend as many as possible and notify the team if you are not going to make it to an event.

* DFWLX does not approve of illegal street racing.  This team is to represent the club at the track. *